Day 2: Nevermind!! RPGMaker MZ time!!

June 9, 2023


You'll never guess what went on sale right as soon as I decided I didn't need it. And you'll probably guess who caved.

Now that I'm defintely using RPG Maker MZ I'm probably gonna need new resources so, here we go:

"An RPG Maker Graphic Resources Masterpost" by tumblr user pinkuboa. As it says, a masterlist of resources for various rpgmaker engines. Still useful for MZ!

"You've Downloaded MZ... Now What?" by hiddenone on the official RPGMaker site. A short but good overview of where to start with MZ.

"RPG Maker MZ: Beginner Tutorials" by LvL Up Design on youtube. A playlist of 14 tutorials on how to do various things in RPGMaker.

"RPG Maker MZ Tutorials" by Driftwood Gaming on youtube. More tutorials on various things you can do in RPGMaker, 48 vids in total!

"RPG Maker MZ Basics - How to Use RPG Maker MZ in 18 Minutes" by DevNami on youtube. What it says in the title! This channel also has lots of coding tutorials for various languages; since I've heard Javascript will be good to learn for MZ I may return for those...

"RPG Maker MZ Tutorials (Official Forum)" on the official RPGMaker site. When all else fails, you can ask for help on the official forums, or look and see what other people have asked about and if they had a similar question.

As much of trouble as getting a NEW rpgmaker might cause to my production pipeline here, I'm honestly super excited to use something new. I plan to ride that wave of excitement for as long as possible...maybe I can make it all the way to the finish line!

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