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Rating System Guide

Check here to understand more about what a particular rating means. The individual reviews should also give some clarity to why I chose a particular rating.

(Keep in mind, these are all based off of my personal opinion; would I recommend them?)


Games I'd "ABSOLUTELY" recommend are the best of the best, ones that make it into my favorite games of all time. Even if you didn't ask I might bring this game up anyway. Games like these make an unforgettable impact and are a feat of gamemaking I feel confident in saying you won't want to miss. If you check out anything, these games are a must!


"Yes!" games are games I would recommend with enthusiasm! Games with these ratings are complete, engaging, interesting, and touching, and are experiences I'll not soon forget. If you have the time and funds, I definitely encourage you to check these games out and show the creators your support.


Despite this technically being the "middle/average" score, games under this rating are ones I had fun with, and left a good impression on me, and so I consider them good games! Games that get this rating instead of "Yes!" are usually just relatively brief and simple games/concepts, and so while fun, are small/contained experiences that aren't super extensive. If they're available to you, and they seem like something you'd enjoy, you should absolutely give them a try!


Games with this rating aren't terrible by any means, but for one reason or another I probably wouldn't actively recommend it to others. Maybe there isn't much to engage the player, maybe the game is unfairly difficult, maybe it's hard to control, or maybe the price is a bit high for otherwise fine content. In any case, the game just doesn't hook me as much as it could.


It would probably take a sizable feat of unfinished, boring, and/or nasty material to warrant this rating, so it will likely only be used once or twice. Most games deserve at least some chance to shine, but games with this rating I would never recommend to anyone, and probably only include it on the site to recommend you avoid it.


Oh me? Weal

well im just a little Mikey guy...

When I started writing these little reviews, I just wanted to keep a record of all the games I've played, and to remember what I loved about them, for reference and for if I ever wanted to return to them later. This was done originally on, but itchio of course doesn't have all the games I'd like to make reviews and notes on, and my content was limited to its format. Plus, I wanted to share my thoughts on these games with others, like my friends, but don't like having too many collections. So, I moved everything I had written to here, and have since been putting all my new reviews here. I hope that through this site I've introduced you to some nice games :]!